PechaKucha Night – Ubud, Bali August 29/2017

The moments at PechaKucha Night, Ubud, Bali
August 29th 2017 ✨

I remember, at that night I was so excited to share my personal journey on sustainable living, especially in urban area until finally try to build my on website platform to encourage the others start their own journey. It was even my very first time delivered those super personal messages directly in public.
Bali is totally different from Jakarta, I talked on the lifestyle that most likely they already apply in the island, they even support me to spread more in this mega city. Still, the vibes there, the connectedness with others and their passion there just so amazing!

Thank you, thank you, thank you @hubudbali team for the opportunity also the other amazing speakers, you all made me feel to do more 💛 #livingsustainably

“Sustainable Living Journey”  –  Find the video, click here! 



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