Living Sustainably is a place to share experiences and possibly some tips to live more sustainable! Especially here in Jakarta, my hometown in Indonesia. Somehow, we’ll find many differences between the developed countries and the developing ones, like us here. Then I initiated this kind of platform to encourage you that we still have many ways to do it, superbly fun and easy!


A long story short, she was 7 years old at that time, made a rule at home which sounds like energy efficiency efforts — I have no clue about the reason behind.Now, she’s at early twenties — exactly millennial one, years after those moments passed by. Many differences show up currently related to the nature condition and the environmental capacity. She began realizing it at her 12 practically.This time, she just wants to continue her journey. As she graduated as Bachelor of Environmental Engineering, currently she is a sustainability analyst at one Indonesia’s environmental communications firm.

Here, she tries to share things that inspired her. It can be from her past experiences, from what she does currently, and maybe her future plans which she tries to explore more and starts immediately. She believes when she writes, her writings should encourage others to do something. Thus she tries to care on that way.

Indeed, she is me.


Sustainability in terms of environment means as simple as living consciously with the environmental impacts that each of us leave. Yes, I am not saying it eco-friendly living or green living anymore because sustainability has three pillars, the economy aspect, the people and the environment itself. Moreover, I believe that we cannot separate them. I give you a simple example, our consumption. How do we consume something? Our buying behavior? If we are being a sustainable consumer, we can decide how much we have to spend for stuffs, do we really need it? – economy aspect; How long it lasts? Is it local product? – people aspect; How about the materials, packaging and its afterlife? – environmental aspect. See, everything just interconnected. A long short, it is called sustainability, and in Living Sustainably, I put our lifestyle as the priority to be improved as our responsible to the sustainability.


I don’t think that I should explain this more. Once you read this, I believe you care. Then what are you waiting for? Just start your journey to live more sustainably and join the community!

Hope you find this fun and easy.

With happier feeling, Dhina Shabrina


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