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A long story short, she was 7 years old at that time, made a rule at home which sounds like energy efficiency efforts — I have no clue about the reason behind. It was written there, turn off the lamp before leave the room, turn off the TV if it’s not used, save water, and any other in common rules. If I were there it would make me be like, “Hey, what do you up to kid?” It was simply her being knowledgeably conscious on that issue.

Probably, this was the idea from her:

She feels better when she spends her time outdoor, in nature space specifically. I still remember that in her early ages she did a lot of outdoor activities. Started since she was 2, she would be very happy if her father rode her bike around in the morning. He did it on weekends, luckily. In the next few years she learned how to ride a bike by herself and she also tried roller-blades afterwards. Almost every afternoon she played with other kids outside and climbing trees was her favorite one. Okay, it was too masculine but all that things really grow with her ever since. Another experience started when she learned how to swim at 4! It continued until she mastered all style of swimming at her 11 and it caused her guts in water earlier.

One exciting thing came up when she got a sister! — They are just 2 years gap. After her sister reached 2 years old, they regularly stayed at the beach for 2 or 3 nights every year for holiday and her sister birthday. She really enjoyed there! Played with the waves, made the sands, pretended like we could do surfing, collected shells and small crabs, it was such a special annual trip — Unfortunately, It never happened again after she reached 10. Talking about school, it taught her very well too in earth sciences and its protections since her first grade. She joined scouts group as well on that time. She learned how to protect herself while taking care of environment as necessary. Nature was super kind, fulfilled her childhood happiness and all the kids at the age of them. Those memories truly stayed in her.

Her kind of family trip

“Nature was super kind, fulfilled her childhood happiness and all the kids at the age of them. Those memories truly stayed in her.’”

Now, she’s at early twenties — exactly millennial one, years after those moments passed by. Many differences show up currently related to the nature condition and the environmental capacity. She began realizing it at her 12 practically. She started with initiate a team for environmental awareness campaign at school which warmly accepted by the principal. While, found many ideas from magazines and newspapers related to global warming phenomenon, she tried to change several habits which were possible to minimize the impacts. As simple as avoid plastic bag use and bring water bottle. It continues up until now and definitely needs improvements each day.

In fact, there’s no reason behind.

Psychological connections with nature have the capacity to facilitate sustainable attitudes, and may be an important tool in preserving our environment. — Mitchell, 2014

Then, did it shape her naturally? Well, I think it did and it’s a choice when it comes to every person; follow or just let it stay there.

This time, she just wants to continue her journey. Here, she tries to share things that inspired her. It can be from her past experiences, from what she does currently, and maybe her future plans which she tries to explore more and starts immediately. She believes when she writes, her writings should encourage others to do something. Thus she tries to care on that way.

Indeed, she is me

13, Oct – 2016

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