Second Chance for My Note Books

It is obvious that everything goes digitize nowadays, even a note book! While I still need a real note book to bring everywhere the whole year, since then basically. Ideas, schedules and everything I can put in. Even in classes, years back in university, I used each semester for all subjects.

Just like years in the past, I was thinking about having daily agenda before start a new year, a new notebook for a year ahead. Then I realized that I still keep all my notebooks from every semester in university! Each of them is exactly identical, only differed by its color. I found them in my drawer, checked it one by one, they still had some blank papers in! Yes, from each subject – because I used to mark each subject and fill only in the spaces which belong to the subject. Luckily, they are all in one size so I decided to collect those pieces and took them off from the books.

I thought of my sustainable living new year resolutions – I have my top 10 and “Paperless Efforts” as one of them – so why not to started fulfill it by making an up-cycled note book! This book will be my daily reminder to live more sustainable & a good companion for this whole year.

Let’s start!

There are several simple ways to make this notebook, meanwhile you only need:

  1. Papers

Not only from your old notebooks, but you can use printed paper which you can still reuse. Make all pieces in one size, so it will look so neat and new.

  1. Cover papers

You only need to choose a thicker paper. You may pick another alternatives: used cardboard from cereals or any other products, brochures, or even magazine cover – this would be cool, and many other thicker paper which possible.

  1. Scissors

Medium or bigger size scissors, well because you need to cut in shape the thicker paper.

  1. Glue

You may use double scotch tape or just scotch tape to stick some paper ornaments or anything to retouch the look of your notebook, but paper glue is neater I guess and no waste produced after.

  1. Rings

Actually I had my note book bound by someone in a copy shop. They have the service though, but of course, you can choose another way, such as tie it with ribbon or used thin rope maybe?

I’ll show the steps, well, It is not a long  one anyway.

My old note books
Removed all the blank ones from each book
I found a designated unused brochure

Last, bound with rings and it’s done!



I Hope you like the idea. A simple and fun way to have a notebook while try to stay creative and sustainable. You should give it a try!


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