The Reality

I saw my family pictures, I know that they love to brought me to play outdoor. Beach, national parks or even to the biggest lake in Indonesia, lake Toba when I was only 9 month old. I realized that, it’s just relaxing and meditating for me being in nature. I think, the connection to nature makes me happy, and scientifically it is. “Psychological connections with nature have the capacity to facilitate sustainable attitudes, and may be an important tool in preserving our environment.” – Mitchell, 2014.

It triggered my first attempt to help the world – yes, I was being an old soul kid. I remember clearly, I made the energy efficiency rule at home when I was 7: turn off the lamp when it is not used, mind the water while brush your teeth and more. It continued to when I was 13, I proposed an environmentalist group to my school principal and he warmly accepted it. Yes, reduce – reuse – recycle, I heard it’s one of the way, and being a big fan of it after all. Meanwhile, I started with the easiest thing, encouraged the others to be responsible for putting in their rubbish in the bin.

Back in talking about how I love being in nature, I was a Megapolitan City raised but manage myself connect with nature a lot, especially the most favourite place, the sea! I am so lucky being in the tropical country: islands, white sandy beaches, the breeze, the golden sun and more the marine life under the sea. The very first time I went to Celebes with my family, we were on the boat with the glass box in the middle so we could see through what was under the boat, means under the sea. I was fascinating, crystal clear water, its colourful corals, unique and beautiful fishes and other creatures. However, two years  ago I went scuba diving in the same exact place which means over 10 years already passed, it pissed me off. It  doesn’t look like where the place I saw at the first time. And I was like, well.. Climate change is real, the temperature rising got real. It gone bleached everywhere, even I I could feel the beauty.

Months before, I got a job from the only energy state-owned company, they had the mission of being world-class energy company, they have oil sector dominantly, gas sector including LNG, also renewable energy which still in RD&D stage, I could say. I’m assigned in the natural gas sector, in its subsidiary company, I remembered when I was interviewed I kinda proposed that I wanted to be assigned in renewable sector, I was so keen to involve because I do really interested in sustainability and I thought it will be fit my values. The interviewee frankly said, “I’m sorry kid, for now you just can’t, maybe in the next future you’ll have the opportunity.” I was upset, even I knew that I had no choice in that room. I realized we’re just not there, nevertheless we’re going there, I desperately want to believe that.

What I’m going tell you is.. When I was invited to the interview, I was like “what the heck am I doing?” it is so conflicted being such interested in sustainability while stepping in to this sector. Long story short, I just happened to be there, I was waiting for my scholarship application result at that time, while I had agree following the newly recruit program. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the scholarship to pay my goddamn tuition fee & living cost to obtain a Master Degree in Sustainability Management. Some say, we could decide our destiny, and I guess for now I just need to follow my destiny under this circumstances, at least  I wasn’t left hanging in mid-air. Let’s see the bright sight, after all, I still find a lot of opportunities for improvement both for myself or moreover for the entity, it’s just about time and never ending efforts.

So yeah, I am the reality, it is the reality that fossil fuels being such a famous topic in this room – Climate Reality Leadership Training room last year. Then what do I do? Let’s say I could not choose the place that precisely align with my values now, then I have to be the change-maker within the entity, and I guess I love the process. Finally, that is why I join The Climate Reality Project, because I am the reality that this entity has to know.

Hope you finds this story enjoyable. Happy Earth Day 2020!

This writing supposedly submitted in August 5th 2019, part of the training activity and has slightly modified to be more related after months passed by.

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